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A hospital management system is a computer system that facilitates in the efficient management of health-care information and the work completion of health-care providers. They are in charge of all data connected to healthcare departments such as,

√ Clinical
√ Financial
√ Laboratory
√ Inpatient
√ Outpatient
√ Operation theater
√ Materials
√ Nursing
√ Pharmaceutical
√ Radiology
√ Pathology etc.

Our Recruitment management systems have a range of components and functions. They include applicant tracking systems for managing job postings and applications, and customer relationship management-type functions to keep applicants connected and engaged. Many of these tasks are automated.
The portal modules include:

√ Application Module
√ Screening Module (Three screening levels)
√ Shortlisting Module
√ Interviewing Module
√ Ranking Module

The modules facilitate profile creation and updating, application submission, screening of candidates before shortlisting, shortlisting of qualified and fit candidates for the position, interviewing of shortlisted candidates and finally ranking of the shortlisted candidates.

Our POS solution is built on top of the current development technologies. The application is server based, implying that data is centrally stored but its access is distributed-multiple clients can access the data simultaneously.
Our POS is an easy to use Point of Sale with the option of being fully integrated with Bar-code Scanners, and offers you powerful functionality, including airtime, account and suspended sales, as well as shifts and cash-up reporting.

Modules include:

√ Point of Sale
√ Inventory/Stock
√ Debtors
√ Creditors
√ Quotes
√ Bill of Quantities
√ Jobcards
√ Purchase/Sales Orders
√ SQL Report Writer (embedded)
√ DBISAM SQL Database (Global award winning, embedded)
√ EFT Integration
√ Loyalty Integration
√ SMS marketing

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